We offer one of the most diversified and educational preschool experiences in Ohio! Our preschoolers explore the fascinating L.E.G.S. environment using their “tools for learning”… play! Going down slides, rolling, climbing, jumping off a mountain, swinging, hanging, crawling through tunnels, and much more provides them with the gross motor development that all pre-schoolers need. 



Boys and girls with or without prior gymnastics experience are eligible for this program. The value of gymnastics at this level is self-discipline, body awareness, strength, flexibility, and most importantly fun!


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This is a beginner class for boys and strictly recreational. Our focus is to create a fun atmosphere while safely teaching the fundamental skills of the sport. Basic body positions are a large focus of class sessions as well as basic skills such as cartwheels, forward rolls, and front supports. The main events we focus on include: Vault, Bars, and Floor. Students will also use the trampoline and will begin getting exposure to the Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse/Mushroom skills, and Rings.

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