L.E.G.S Philosophy
At any age, our programs provide a well-disciplined physical activity, emphasizing correct fundamentals and giving each student the chance to progress at his/her own rate. Positive reinforcement through proper progression of skills is a part of each class.


Physical activities should be:
1.) A Source of Recreation,
2.) A Challenge,
3.) A Physical and Mental Stimuli,
4.) A Social Encounter, and,
5.) A Disciplined Learning Experience.


Why Get Involved?
Physical Activity is not just great for the body but it is also great for the mind. A toddler explores his/her environment and learns confidence. An elementary age student builds strength and flexibility. The high school student or LEGS team competitor learns self-discipline, improved concentration, a positive mental attitude and hard work increases your score. The skills you learn from exercising your mind through physical activity will help you achieve any goal you set.


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